4 Reasons Why Spinach (Palak) Is A Great Addition To Your Omelette

Let’s agree, for most of us breakfast is more than just a meal. It is a ritual that helps us start the day on a healthy and hearty one. But enjoying an elaborate meal in the morning seems impossible, given the morning rush. Morning meals are usually all about simplicity, comfort, and nutrition. And a dish that caters to your busy schedule is a wholesome spinach omelette. Crunchy spinach leaves cooked in a fluffy omelette make it a popular choice among all. Alongside, it is super nutritious too. Let’s look into some of the most favoured reasons that make spinach omelette a wholesome breakfast food. Read on.  

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Why To Add Spinach To Omelette? What Makes Spinach Omelette A Popular Breakfast Food?

1. Adds colour to your food:

Colourful food can make any person, across ages, fall for it time and again. In this case, a cup of fresh greens can provide a splash of green to your yellowish omelette.

2. Gives your food a crunch:

A fresh bunch of spinach can elevate the texture of your food instantly. Alongside, it provides a perfect crunch to your meal as well.

3. Makes a complete meal:

Eggs are man’s best friend. They are loaded with nutrients that make for a wholesome meal. And adding spinach to it just elevates the goodness by leaps and bounds, making the dish a fulfilling one.

4. Loads you up with nutrients:

Both eggs and spinach are loaded with protein, fibre, iron, vitamins, and various essential nutrients. They come together to make for a wholesome meal that helps curb your appetite, keeps you full for long, aids weight management, and more.

How To Make Spinach Omelette At Home | Step-By-Step Spinach Omelette Recipe:

Step 1. Finely chop green chillies, onion, green coriander, and garlic.

Step 2. Heat oil in a pan, add spinach leaves and the chopped ingredients and fry for 2 minutes.

Step 3. Optionally add finely chopped ginger and season with salt, pepper, or spices.

Step 4. Break two eggs into a bowl, beat them, and pour into the pan.

Step 5. Cook the omelette well from both sides.

Step 6. Pair it with bread or savour the omelette as it is.

For the complete Spinach Omelette recipe, click here.

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Enjoy your breakfast, everyone!  

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