5 Accessories Thatll Make Your Fridge the Star of the Kitchen

By now, much has been spoken about the refrigerator and its utilities. A constant part of every household, it is versatile and a saviour at the same time. And we feel that if you organize it well, the refrigerator becomes the most important appliance in a household. This is why we thought of helping you out with some quick tips that may aid the organisation better and be a no-brainer. All you need are some good accessories. Let’s explain further.

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How To Organise Refrigerators? Top 5 Accessories Your Fridge Needs Right Now

1. Storage containers:

From raw vegetables to cooked foods and more, we keep different types of food items in a refrigerator. While that is a boon on one hand, keeping them disorganised can increase the risks of cross-contamination. This is where containers come in handy. We suggest keeping containers of different shapes and sizes to store every item separately. But make sure you use storage containers with airtight lids.

2. Vegetable/Fruit compartments:

Have you ever forgotten what vegetable you have stored in the refrigerator? This is a very common affair, especially when the vegetable basket in your fridge is overloaded. So, we suggest having vegetable and fruit compartments, easily available in the market, to organize the produce separately. This will not only help you remember what you have in the refrigerator but also keep the vegetables fresh for a long time.

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3. Fridge mats:

Start by spreading mats on the fridge compartments, even before you store the containers. This will help keep the fridge clean and also avoid stains and foul odours. Quick tip: Get mats that are easy to wash, dry, and reuse.

4. Extra egg crates:

Eggs are man’s best friend, and we buy them in dozens to keep in store. Unfortunately, we get not more than one crate to keep eggs in a fridge, which comes with six to eight caveats. This is why we suggest buying extra crates to keep dozens of eggs in the refrigerator for any time to use.

5. Fridge deodorizers:

You will often find some foul odour in your refrigerator. It usually happens due to the foods stored inside. Hence, we suggest keeping some deodoriser in a corner of a shelf to have a fresh smell all the time. You can either get these deodorizing cubes from the market or prepare them by mixing and storing baking soda and coffee grounds in a cloth.

Are these tips helpful? Dive in, tidy up, and say hello to a stress-free fridge!

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