“A Posh Lunch”: Internet Reacts To Louis Vuittons Latest Offering – Sandwich Bag

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has been creating statements in the world of fashion since years now. They launch signature bags and accesories at regular intervals, creating headlines across the globe. This time, their offering is a ‘Sandwich Bag’. You read that right. Designed by the Men’s Creative Director of the fashion house Pharrell William, the bag reportedly draws inspiration from the quentessential paper bag used to carry sandwich. The bag is made of cowhide leather and comes “in exactly the same colour as the house’s famed (paper) shopping bags,” reads the product description on the website. But that’s not what took the internet by storm. It was instead the price of the sandwich bag.

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According to Louis Vuitton’s official website, the sandwich bag is priced at Rs 2,80,000. The bag comes with “a zipped pocket and a double flat pocket to keep things organized,” the description further reads.

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Photo Credit: in.louisvuitton.com

In no time the highly priced bad went viral on the internet. People took to micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts on the very expnesive bag that looks exactly like a paper bag.

“Would appreciate it if any of you can gift me that new Louis Vuitton sandwich bag! I’ll use it to carry lunc box to office. Would be so handy,” wrote a person.

A comment read, “I thought Balenciaga’s $1,800 garbage bag was a dumb ‘designer’ item. But it’s not dumber than Pharrell X Louis Vuitton’s $3,350 sandwich bag!”

Another comment read, “The Louis Vuitton sandwich bag. Because people who buy it will be so broke that they will need to make their own sandwiches for life.”

A comment read, “It’s giving Mc Donald’s.”

A person weighs in, “Now that’d be a posh lunch.”

What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton’s latest offering? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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