Arahas Technologies ties up with QuakeLogic to provide geospatial solutions

Arahas Technologies, an entity in geospatial IT and AI, on Wednesday said it has joined hands with Californian firm QuakeLogic to launch structural health monitoring and early warning system aimed at enhancing earthquake resilience across the Indian subcontinent.

Gurugram-based Arahas Technologies provides IoT platform for real-time monitoring, tracking of structural integrity.

The company has been involved in the Amruth programme, advancing digital land record modernisation across various Indian states.

Arahas in a release said QuakeLogic provides early warning and immediate notifications during seismic incidents, a vital step that may help in damage limitation and public safety assurance.

“The collaboration prioritises easy accessibility and user experience,” it added.

The technology’s flexibility allows for its application in new and existing constructions, making it an optimal solution for varied architectural environments, the company said.

As part of EverEnviro, Arahas Technologies is supported by the Green Growth Equity Fund (GGEF), a leading climate-focused fund managed by EverSource Capital with backing from significant global and national investors.

QuakeLogic delivers advanced software solutions for disaster management, aiming to mitigate human and financial losses incurred from natural catastrophes like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

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