China Bistro Enters Select CITYWALK Mall With Version 2.0 And Its Worth A Try

Delhi, a melting pot of diverse flavours and culinary finesse, is no stranger to the allure of Chinese cuisine. Amidst the city’s thriving food scene, China Bistro 2.0 has emerged as a beacon of contemporary dining, marking a significant chapter in the brand’s gastronomic journey. Nestled within the vibrant Select CITYWALK Mall in Saket, the restaurant promises to redefine the dining experience by seamlessly infusing authentic Pan Asian flavours with modern nuances.  

China Bistro 2.0, an offering from Foodlink F&B Holdings India Pvt. Ltd., follows the success of twelve restaurants and three cloud kitchens across India and the UAE. The revamped menu, curated by accomplished chefs, presents an eclectic array of Neu Asian cuisines, embracing Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Burmese, and beyond. The restaurant’s transformation piqued our curiosity to try out the new menu.  

We started with Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza And 5 Spice Duck Roll, and both of them set the tone for a great culinary journey. Special mention to 5 spice duck roll – the duck was perfectly cooked and seasoned and it made it to our top recommendation. But wait … then we tried Spicy Tuna Roll, which also won our hearts. Never did tuna taste so good! Prawns Tempura Rolls were good but not as great as the other starters, which worked up our appetite for more.  

Next in line was a big bowl of Chicken In Nam Jim Sauce. Paired with Korean Kimchi Fried Rice, it burst out a font of mouth-watering flavours in the mouth. Not to mention that Kimchi Fried Rice was delicious on its own too. We found Sichuan Dan Dan Ramen Bowl a little bland, which was disappointing because we were really looking forward to it. But, King Prawns In Chilli Oyster And Stir Fried Asian Greens made up for it with their impressive taste. The chilli ouster sauce complemented the succulent prawns, and the Asian Greens added a refreshing touch to the meal.  

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The vast Chinese spread gave us a perfect meal that was as satisfying as it was tasty. Chinese food lovers, you must visit China Bistro to explore their latest delights.  

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