Isuzu Ute Australia sets all-time sales record

Isuzu Ute Australia sold more vehicles here in 2023 than in any year, sitting in the top 10 and offering one of the three best-selling vehicles in our market.

It sold 45,341 vehicles in 2023, up 28.4 per cent year over year. It was Australia’s 10th best-selling brand, beating out the likes of Volkswagen and Nissan despite having only two vehicles to sell.

It had 3.7 per cent share of the Australian new car market, which swelled to a grand total of 1,216,780 new passenger and commercial vehicle sales.

Not only was 2023 Isuzu Ute Australia’s best year, but it was also the best year of sales for both of its two models.

Isuzu sold 31,202 D-Max utes, making it Australia’s third best-selling vehicle behind the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.

4×2 D-Max sales were up 36.7 per cent year over year, while 4×4 sales were up 26.4 per cent. The D-Max was Australia’s second best-selling 4×2 ute, beating out the Ranger, though it was significantly behind both the Ranger and HiLux in 4×4 sales.

Isuzu sold 14,139 examples of the MU-X SUV, up 28.7 per cent. It sat just behind the rival Ford Everest in sales (15,071 units), though both were outsold by the Toyota Prado (20,710 sales).

“We appreciate that it hasn’t been the easiest of years for our two-car brand and the industry overall, with a number of logistical challenges effecting deliveries throughout the year,” said IUA managing director Junta Matsui.

“But with some strategic problem solving and hard work we were able to work around these challenges and deliver customer orders as quickly as possible.

“With the D-Max and MU-X recognised as two of Australia’s most-popular and best-value vehicles on sale today, along with healthy levels of vehicle stock landing at dealers locally, we are optimistic that this positive trajectory will continue well into 2024 and beyond.”

Isuzu’s MU-X will have to contend with a new, more boldly styled Prado, due mid-year, which could further cement that nameplate’s dominance.

Meanwhile, the D-Max will face off with a new generation of the Mitsubishi Triton, due in February, a rival which has previously occupied the podium spot in the ute segment.

Late in 2023, the company celebrated 15 years on the Australian market and 300,000 cumulative deliveries.

Overall, since its launch in 2008 and the end of 2023, Isuzu has sold 311,641 vehicles in Australia: 225,145 D-Max utes and 86,496 MU-X SUVs.

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