Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant celebrates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones birthdays | Music | Entertainment

Led Zeppelin haven’t performed together since their iconic last show at the O2 back in 2007 with John Bonham’s son Jason on the drums.

Nevertheless, 43 years on from when they originally split, the surviving trio still have a soft spot for each other.

On January 3, John Paul Jones turned 78 and just yesterday was Jimmy Page’s 80th birthday.

To celebrate his old bandmates, Robert Plant took to Instagram with a belated Happy Birthday to them both.

Plant posted a photo of Led Zeppelin in their 1970s prime and captioned it with a nostalgic message.

It read: “It’s never too late, Happy Birthday John and Happy Birthday Jimmy….here’s to the wonderful dancing days… -RP.”

The singer himself is set to turn 76 on August 20, while Bonham (who died in 1980 at just 32) would have been the same age on May 31.

As for any changes of another Led Zeppelin reunion, Plant told reporters a couple of years ago that the only place that would happen is in a Camden chip shop.

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