Murder is Easy star with James Bond films connection backed for new 007 by fans | Films | Entertainment

With over two years having passed since Daniel Craig blasted his way out of the James Bond franchise, fans are hopeful that 2024 will bring some casting news of his replacement.

The likes of established stars from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill to James Norton and Tom Hardy have dominated the odds for months. But we can’t forget the up-and-coming actors, especially when fans point them out.

The latest to get attention is David Jonsson, who stars in the BBC’s two-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder is Easy.

Around 30-years-old, the RADA graduate is best known for TV series Industry and rom-com film Rye Lane.

Last year the actor attended an exclusive Omega event celebrating 60 years of James Bond alongside Daniel Craig, so presumably he’s on 007 producer Barbara Broccoli’s radar.

In Murder is Easy, Jonsson plays Nigerian attaché Luke Fitzwilliam, a role he almost turned down due to colour blind casting.

The rising star caught Bond fan attention in the BBC drama after sporting some suave suits and a tuxedo for much of the two-parter.

One fan tweeted: “David Jonsson looks super urbane in that DJ (very James Bond).”

One wrote: “I’m gonna say it again. David Jonsson for Bond #murderiseasy.”

A fan tweeted: “David Jonsson would be such a good Bond, he’s so suave! (and gorgeous).”

And another added: “David Jonsson is my pick for next James Bond ever since Industry.”

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