Saltburn’s Barry Keoghan confirms nude dance scene’s surprising Elvis Presley connection | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Polly’s best tip for dancing like the King? “’Imagine you’ve got a mosquito on the back of your knee…”

Speaking to Sky News, she said: “I think it’s a massive task because people have such an affiliation for Elvis.

“People know him, people know the performances, so it didn’t slide past either of us that it was quite a big deal.”

Barry and Austin are on their way to becoming two of Hollywood’s biggest stars of their generation and are now starring together in Apple TV+’s upcoming drama Masters of the Air.

Saltburn’s leading man, also known for the Banshees of Inisherin and a small appearance as the Joker in The Batman, said the new thriller has helped him step away from “freak child-man” roles.

“It’s nice, man. It’s nice not just being looked at as the weird-looking guy, the unique f***ing freaky little freak man-child, freak child-man, whatever you want to call it,” he told GQ.

Saltburn is in cinemas now and available to stream on Prime Video.

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