BMW reveals XM that gets ruined in the rain

It’s not unusual to see bespoke automotive creations utilising luxury cars and unusual materials, but this BMW might be one of the weirdest.

The Italian Alcantara company – yes, THE firm responsible for its namesake fabric – took the BMW XM and used its textile expertise to create this: a one-of-a-kind SUV which has been entirely covered in the suede-like fabric inside and out.

The luxury SUV is already polarising in appearance before it received its “Sky is the Limit” makeover, where it was presented for the first time at a House of BMW event in Milan.

Alcantara is a blend of 68 per cent polyester and 32 per cent polyurethane, and in this case it covers the entirety of the XM’s exterior.

Given the SUV measures 5110mm long, 2005mm wide and 1755mm tall, a lot of the fabric was needed to wrap it.

On the inside, the Alcantara theme continues in a two-tone asymmetric design. The front door cards differ from one another, as the right hand side is completely white in contrast to the left’s black elements.

Also featured is M Sport stitching and the colours of the Italian flag, which are incorporated in the design of the roof, seats, and dash. Hundreds of small triangle perforations complement the white 3D geometric pattern on the ceiling.

It’s not the first time BMW has tried to dress up its bold model, having earlier this year unveiled the velvet exterior upholstered XM Mystique Allure with the help of Naomi Campbell.

If you’re not a fan of the BMW XM’s design, reports last month claimed the SUV won’t be renewed for a second generation, with plans for an electric successor reportedly scrapped.

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