Breaking: Etherscan Acquires Leading Solana Explorer Solscan for Undisclosed Amount

The leading block explorer, API, and analytics platform for the Ethereum network, Etherscan, has announced a strategic acquisition of Solana’s leading block explorer, Solscan.

According to the announcement, the Solscan ecosystem has officially joined the Etherscan portfolio, including BNB Smart Chain explorer Bscscan. Amid the exponential growth of the Solana ecosystem, the acquisition by Etherscan ensures sustainable growth with the help of a reputable team.

Bright Future for Web3 Industry Via Etherscan Ecosystem 

The Etherscan explorer had existed since 2015, when the leading smart contract blockchain was established. Over the years, the Etherscan ecosystem has grown to various products, including all the Ethereum testnets and mainnet upgrades. Decentralized Financial (DeFi) developers can seamlessly integrate with Etherscan products through its API plans that range from free to a pro account for $899 monthly.

As of this report, Etherscan products are integrated with leading crypto projects like MetaMask, Binance, Coinbase, Coingecko, and imToken, among many others. The acquisition of Solscan by Etherscan marks a significant milestone for both ecosystems. Moreover, sharing resources and strategic products will ensure seamless mass adoption of web3 technology.

Market Impact

The acquisition of Solscan by Etherscan does not directly impact the price action of the underlying tokens. Nonetheless, the Solana ecosystem, which has $1.47 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) and over $1.8 billion in stablecoins market cap, will significantly benefit from the success of Etherscan as a blockchain explorer.“Users can expect a collaborative effort to deliver unparalleled blockchain exploration services and a commitment to advancing the capabilities of both Etherscan and Solscan,” the announcement noted.

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