HTech geared up to expand HONOR ecosystem of products in India in 2024

HTech is all set to expand HONOR’s portfolio in the country and include various Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) products to build a comprehensive suite of new smart devices. Leveraging its core competencies and strength areas, HONOR is actively catering to consumer needs by fostering cross-functional collaboration, prioritizing user-centric design, integrating products into a seamless ecosystem, and designing for scalability and future-proofing.

Considering how your IoT products can work together to create a seamless and integrated ecosystem, HONOR said that it will enhance the experience for its users by introducing a slew of hearables, wearables and other IOT devices across price segments to diversify the product portfolio beyond mobile phones.“We understand the IoT market in India is competitive and consumers expect cutting-edge technology and reliability in connected devices.

HONOR maintains a strong focus on product quality and innovation across its range of products,” said the company. As the product portfolio is expanding, HTech is also aligned with the government’s vision to make India a manufacturing hub, and is planning to start manufacturing HONOR products in the coming year, empowering local businesses and communities at large. HTech is looking at building an end-to-end supply chain in India, which will help generate around 4,000 new jobs approximately by the end of next year. “HTech is also providing strong customer support and after-sales service with a network of 400 centers across the country,” the company informed.

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