New Year 2024: 6 Diet Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Happy New Year 2024! With the New Year celebrations comes the promise of starting afresh, especially when it comes to our diets. There are so many people who join gyms or begin new diet plans in the New Year in an attempt to lose weight. One of the most popular new year resolutions is said to be ‘I will get fit’, but what happens is in fact the opposite. Most of the diets end up crashing and derailing our weight loss goals. What we would suggest is to make simple and achievable resolutions that you can actually stick to. In New Year 2024, the focus should be on setting small goals that can easily be achieved in the short run first and then made into a regular habit.

Consultant nutritionist Rupali Dutta also agrees, “Remember, the first step is the most important! Set smaller goals, for example, closing your kitchen by 9 pm or walking every half an hour of sitting. She further says that it’s important to just kickstart a habit and it will undoubtedly become a part of your diet regime. “It takes us 21 days to change a habit and if we follow it for three months it becomes our lifestyle. Take your time, it more important to learn what you must change and make a start,” she added.

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New Year 2024: Here Are 6 Diet Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To:

1. Eat one fruit every day:

No, we’re not saying you should make a fruit platter for yourself. Just the simple act of eating one whole fruit every day will certainly go a long way in your diet plan. Fresh fruits offer a multitude of health benefits for your body. Eat it raw for best benefits. Once it becomes a habit, you can increase the quantity depending upon your other meals.

2. Use smaller plates for eating food:

Sometimes, we end up piling on more food than necessary into our plates. Bigger plates give us the illusion that we still have some more space, while our stomach is already stretched to full capacity. “Even the healthiest food is good till it is consumed in the amounts that the body needs, extra has never meant more goodness,” says Rupali Dutta. The simple act of using a smaller plate will prove useful for your diet and weight loss goals.

3. Try to skip processed food every alternate day:

If we heard a recommendation like, ‘Avoid processed food entirely’ – we may follow it for two-three days or sometimes even weeks. But then all of a sudden, our cravings for junk food returns and we end up bingeing guiltily. Experts suggest that you can try skipping processed food every alternate day to begin with, and then observe the difference. “Avoid factory made food and have what nature has designed,” says health coach Shilpa Arora. “Learn about how much you need and then stick to it. The occasional samosa or burger will also not de track you from your health goals if you understand this,” adds Rupali Dutta.

4. Switch to herbal tea:

The benefits of herbal teas in detoxifying the system have been proven time and again by various researchers. If you can switch your cup of masala chai or coffee for green tea or any other herbal tea of choice, trust us, your body will thank you! We are not asking ourselves to give it up entirely, but simply incorporate herbal tea into your daily diet at least every alternate day

5. Make one meal everyday a protein-rich one:

In a bid to eat healthy, we often cut down on calories but forget to stock up on good nutrition instead. Rather than saying you will eat less calories or cut carbs completely from your diet, try to make at least one meal a day a protein-rich one. You can choose from either vegetarian or non-vegetarian protein sources. This will provide a simple yet effective means to cut down on calories while keeping you full for longer and contributing to your weight loss goals.

6. Walk for 15 minutes every day:

Apart from the dietary changes, it is also important to incorporate exercise to make sure you shed the excess kilos. Try and walk for 15 minutes every day so that a consistent habit is formed for your daily routine. Once you get the hang of it, you can start taking a longer walk and build up from there. “Complete 10,000 steps daily and get sunlight every morning for best results,” suggests Shilpa Arora.

So, try these simple and achievable new year resolutions and tell us your experience in the comments below. Here’s wishing all our readers a happy and healthy New Year. May 2024 be your fittest yet!

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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