Passenger Finds Worm In Sandwich Served By IndiGo, Airline Issues Apology Statement

Imagine paying thousands of rupees for an air ticket, only to be served food infested with worms. This unfortunate incident occurred during a recent IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bombay. Kushboo Gupta, a professional dietitian, shared a video on Instagram, showcasing the condition of the sandwich she was served. In the video, Khusboo can be heard criticising the food quality provided by IndiGo. She also mentioned that upon discovering the worm in her sandwich, she informed the staff. But even after that, the same contaminated sandwiches were distributed to other passengers as well. In response to the incident, IndiGo issued an official statement, extending apologies to the affected passenger and assuring the public that the matter is currently under examination.
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Take a look at Kushboo’s video below:

In the detailed caption of her Instagram video, Kushboo Gupta wrote, “I will lodge an official complaint via email soon. But as a Public Health professional, I want to know despite knowing the quality of the sandwich was not good and informing the flight attendant prior, she still continued to serve sandwiches to other passengers. There were kids, elderly and other passengers …. What if anyone catches an infection? A polite note or informing the Passengers would have saved them from eating the sandwich. I immediately rushed or conveyed to her after consuming one bite but all she said ‘I will replace it with some other thing. I will bring it to the department notice and later come with a goodie,’ which I refused to take. I didn’t want to create a panic situation … but her first action should have been to make other passengers aware so that they make an informed decision about consuming the sandwich or not.”
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“You are trained to save our lives if God forbids anything to happen, but shouldn’t this be included in the same SOP? 1. The quality needs to be questioned 2. Despite having the knowledge of why she served fellow passengers. I brought this issue under consideration to Create awareness … I don’t need any Compensation or Refund …. Just one assurance that passenger health and safety should be your top priority,” Kushboo Gupta added.

Responding to the situation, IndiGo‘s official statement read, “We are aware of a concern raised by one of our customers regarding their experience on flight 6E 6107 from Delhi to Mumbai. We want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food and beverage service on board. Upon investigation, our crew had immediately ceased the service of the specific sandwich in question. The matter is currently under thorough examination, and we are working closely with our caterer to ensure appropriate corrective measures are taken. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the passenger.”

Have you ever faced food quality issues while travelling by air?

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