Realme 12 Pro Series 5G launch: Smartphone to feature periscope telephoto lens – Check other details

Realme has confirmed that it will launch the Realme 12 Pro Series this month. Now, the smartphone manufacturer has shared more details about the upcoming smartphone. According to information shared by the company, the smartphone will include a flagship periscope telephoto lens. 

During the 2024 media preview event in Las Vegas, the company also showcased its “Luxury Watch Design”.   

According to the company, the Periscope Telephoto Lens of Realme 12 Pro Series 5G will have improved night shot clarity and stability while minimizing flare and ghosting. 

The series features a 3X Portrait Mode with a 71mm golden portrait focal length and offers up to 120X digital zoom.

Realme claims that the latest series will feature the segment’s largest periscope telephoto sensor – the OV64B flagship sensor. “With a 1/2-inch size, it’s over twice as large as the telephoto sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro. Thanks to its larger aperture and light intake, the Realme 12 Pro Series 5G telephoto lens is nearly three times more light-sensitive than that of the iPhone 15 Pro,” the company said in a release. 

Realme 12 Pro Series 5G main camera features Sony IMX890 OIS. This camera has a 1/1.56-inch sensor, a 24mm equivalent focal length, and a wide f/1.8 aperture. Additionally, it features an ultra-wide-angle camera. 

Realme 12 Pro Series 5G: Luxury watch design

Realme has collaborated with Ollivier Savéo, the international luxury watch design master, to create an exclusive luxury watch design for the Realme 12 Pro Series 5G.

Realme 12 Pro Series 5G: Golden Fluted Bezel

Crafted using CNC machine cutting, the Golden Fluted Bezel achieves a 360° luxury watch-level precision texture with 300 meticulously designed metal lines.

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