Say Goodbye To Bloating: 5 Tips To Keep Your New Years Party Vibe Light And Fun

New Year’s is just around the corner. While we still haven’t recovered from our Christmas spirits, our minds and hearts are ready again to party, this time to bid farewell to 2023. A heavy and full tummy can mean great things, but it can also cause major discomfort afterwards. Bloating is one such problem that every one of us suffers from after big holiday meals. It is a condition where a person feels full and satisfied due to gas. This could lead to stomach aches, tummy noises, and even farting more than usual. If you are willing to avoid this before your New Year’s celebration, then fret not. We have listed 5 ways you can stop New Year bloating.

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Bloating is very common after heavy meals.
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Here’s How You Can Prevent New Year’s Bloating: How To Prevent New Year Bloating

1. Slow Down A Little

Yes, it may seem like a grown-up piece of advice, but slowing things down right from the beginning can help you enjoy New Year’s way more than you could imagine. In busy times like these, we often end up eating more than our original capacity, which could lead to bloating. When it comes to mindful eating, how we eat is just as important as what we eat. Avoid eating food in a rush, on the go, or not eating at the table. When we are in a constant rush to party, our brain does not get time to tell our stomach when to stop. So, take time while eating, chew your food properly, and don’t gobble it down to prevent yourself from bloating.

2. Don’t Wait For The Party To Eat

Are you one of those types who won’t eat the entire day just to indulge at the party? Then chances are you will develop bloating soon after you start digging in. When you are hungry the whole day, you may end up eating too much or too fast. This could lead to severe discomfort and bloating after your New Year bash. Instead, make sure to eat small amounts of food throughout the day to support your digestion. Additionally, you should also watch out for foods that cause bloating like fats, excessive sugar, and sodium.

3. Know Your Triggers

A great way to avoid bloating is to know yourself. This involves what are and are not your trigger foods that may lead to discomfort after your party. At a party, we may usually find ourselves at the mercy of what the host is serving, which can mean we don’t know the ingredients of the dishes. You can ask the host about the ingredients of the dish and save yourself from the discomfort. Another way is to directly identify the foods. Some of the common bloating foods are – chickpeas, pinto beans, broccoli, beans, lentils, garlic, etc. Keeping an eye on your food intake can save you from a lot of digestive trouble afterwards.

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4. Limit Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are often considered a major part of today’s parties, but consuming them after eating heavy meals can make things worse for you. Alcohol slows down digestion, increases water retention, and ends up making you feel lethargic. This could also lead to severe discomfort, gas, and bloating. To avoid this, try reducing your alcohol intake or drinking it in between your food bites. Moreover, make sure to stay hydrated with water. Water helps you flush out toxins and prevent bloating. A simple way to do this is by making strict rules for yourself, like for every glass of alcohol, you’ll drink one glass of water.

5. Be Active

Don’t just sit down on the couch after you are done eating and drinking. Instead, engage in some light physical activity. A light walk after the New Year dinner can help stimulate digestion and reduce the chances of bloating. So, after your New Year get-together, try engaging in a physical activity session, even if it’s light, to reduce physical discomfort afterwards.

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